THE CLIMB: How to Build a Billion Dollar Run Rate

Tien Tzuo, CEO @ Zuora

“How do you build a billion-dollar business?”

I get asked this question a lot, probably because of my background.  As the first CMO of I was part of building that company from ten guys in a room to a billion-dollar run-rate.  As the CEO of Zuora I started my company with two other guys — Cheng Zou and K.V. Rao — and while we’re not at a billion (yet), we’ve managed to raise a quarter of a billion dollars and grown to over 500 employees.  So far, so good. Continue reading on Zuora.

Notes On This Article

This article by Tien Tzuo (CEO of Zuora) is a great look into the milestones across the various stages of scaling to $1B in ARR.

I love the simplicity of segmenting stages into chunks of ~3X growth ($0-$1M, $1-$3M, $3-$10M, $10-$30M, $30-$100M, $100-$300M, and $300-$1B in ARR.) Each stage is defined by an overarching milestone and broken into several GTM activities to support the required growth. It’s a quick read and an easy playbook to ground yourself in when speaking to companies across various stages of scaling.

– Rob