Should RevOps Police Sales?

RevOps or Management – Taft Love

A debate has existed in the sales community for years: Whose job is it to police the sales team — sales management or RevOps (Revenue Operations)? I won’t bury the lead here. The answer is sales management. Some people disagree with me here, but those people are wrong. When it comes to enforcing sales policy, the RevOps team has two jobs… Continue reading on Outreach.

Notes On This Article

In this article, RevOps guru Taft Love gives us some Salesforce tricks to help keep the sales team in business rule compliance, avoiding the need for policing.

I worked for a VP who loved asking for the “shit list,” only to shame the team on the forecast calls. In reality, the “shit list” was the outcome of poor sales processes and tools (vs. an underperforming rep).

Using these processes and tools tips; reps won’t have to think about it, and the VP can focus on business.

– Rob