Setting the Salesforce/Tableau Acquisition in Context

Tom Tunguz on Consolidation in BI

Yesterday, Salesforce announced it would acquire Tableau for $15.7B. Tableau sells data visualization software and the team has built an incredible business. We analyzed the S-1 in 2014. The company has grown since its public offering to generate about $1.1B in revenue, growing at 29%. Continue reading on Tom Tunguz

Notes On This Article

Great look into the recent consolidation of the BI space by Tomasz Tunguz. It’s been a wild ride owning Tableau shares, they dropped 50% in a single day back in 2016! Glad I (mostly) stuck it out;)

This article is interesting considering Tunguz/Redpoint just spiked the football on an incredible exit for Looker, whose acquisition multiple won’t even fit on his charts;)

– Rob