Joe Caprio of

Sales Leadership Podcast #42

Notes On This Podcast

I met Joe when (blowing) my interview with and found this podcast in the process. He’s hot off of crushing it with InsightSquared and will be responsible navigating Chorus through the early profitability trough of repeatable sales.

In this episode, Joe gives a persuasive overview of the role of AI in the sales process. Historically I’d lump “AI” in with Bitcoin, 3D Printers, and VR, but now I’m a believer and can grasp the frothy valuations in the space.

I laughed out loud (and cried inside) when he described the law of diminishing returns on sales passion (as you get further away from the founder, each new hire simply cares less). Revhacks will refer to this concept as “Caprio’s Law.”

Used in a sentence: After the founder personally sold $1M in ARR, sales productivity dropped due to Caprio’s Law.

– Rob