Lessons from New Relic: Five Critical Steps to Scaling Enterprise

SaaStr: Erica Schultz – Chief Revenue Officer at New Relic

Erica has led New Relic through massive growth, scaling the company’s enterprise business 10x since she joined the business pre-IPO. Growing a company’s revenues, customer base, team, process, and product doesn’t just happen without major work and strategy. Continue reading on SaaStr.

Notes On This Video

I spend most my time thinking about how to scale from $1-10M in ARR or $10-50M in ARR, but then what? In this video from the 2019 SaaStr Annual, Erica Schultz talks about her journey scaling New Relic from $50M in ARR to over $400M ?

She uses an interesting way to segment enterprise customers between “classic” (think fortune 500), vs “disrupters” (defined as fast-growing digitally native companies).

I loved how she articulated the value of hiring “builders” over specific/raw experience. Ironically, just this morning I was speaking with a founder about my passion for building things. I’ve always thought of myself as a builder.

– Rob