JD Peterson, CMO @ Trello

Podcast: SaaStr Episode #95

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Notes On This Podcast

In this episode, JD walks us through his career as a marketer, how the profession has evolved and gives us insights on where it’s going (the convergence of marketing and sales).

JD is a unicorn dowser, starting his career at early stage versions of Pure Software (Reed Hastings company before Netflix), Hotmail, Scripted, Marketo, Zendesk, and now Trello. He talks about what makes a great company/opportunity (big market, great product solving a real problem), what’s the right stage to join (finding your personal sweet spot), and the importance of picking your boss.

Favorite Quotes

“We’re changing the way people do marketing, we’re changing the perception of marketing, we’re giving marketers a seat at the revenue table for the first time.”
– Phil Fernandez (Founder of Marketo)

“There’s a 24 y/o out there right now, sitting in his dorm room, creating the tool that’s going to kick your ass.”
– JD Peterson