How to Personalize at Scale

How to Personalize at Scale by Sara Howshar & Becc Holland

The sales development industry has two camps when it comes to personalization:

One camp believes personalization is a terrific idea, but is impossible to scale and so don’t implement the process in their sales development teams. Also, what sales leaders are confident that their up-and-coming sales development reps (SDRs) know the product or industry well enough to ad-lib in a consistent way with prospects by email or phone?

The second camp believes that personalization is essential, as mass sales blasts (aka “carpet bombs”) are great in terms of volume but don’t really work with their prospects anymore. Continue reading the blog.

Ever since I saw Becc speak at OpsSatrs, I’ve been consumed with personalization. This article written by Sara Howshar outlines Becc’s excellent 50min video on the topic. Mandatory learnings for anyone using Outreach, Salesloft, Groove, etc.